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Great service from Steve who was very thorough checking over the car prior to writing the new map. He saved a copy of the original map, identified and cleared erroneous faults and emailed me a list of the remaining faults that didn\’t clear together with both the old and new maps. The mapping process took a couple of hours including the test drives and it was all done on the same day we contacted SRS Performance. Steve was very careful when installing the new software and he test drove the car before and after mapping, he even identified a fault with one of the shocks during the test drive. My TT is now far more powerful thanks to the SRS Performance remap. It\’s much easier to get up to speed and therefore easier to drive. Don\’t really know how but the MPG has improved too. Overall the SRS Performance map has turned up the grin factor by 100% and made my TT more exciting to drive now than when I first got the car 10 years ago. Many thanks to Steve who was a charming man and extremely enthusiastic about getting a girls pride and joy to perform better. Kindest Regards Paula

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