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Ideal for Motorhomes

Get More Pulling Power / Usable Torque

Our Power ECU Remapping is all about maximising the torque / pulling power of your vehicle. This is the ideal ECU remap for those who tow things like caravans, boats, trailers, mobile cafes etc.

A typical senario from a recent client.

We’ll call our client Mr Smith. Mr’s Smith has been wanting a new, larger caravan for some years now, but Mr Smith knows that their car can just manage to pull their existing caravan, let alone a larger one. The cost of a larger vehicle plus the new caravan makes the whole idea of a new larger caravan impractical (poor Mr’s Smith).

Mr Smith had heard about our Power ECU Remap and arranged to have his existing vehicle remapped to maximise the pulling power / torque over a practical engine RPM range. So impressed was Mr Smith with how his vehicle now towed his caravan, he decided to invest in a new larger caravan, much to the joy of Mr’s Smith. Mr Smith’s vehicle now comfortably tows his new caravan, even better than his old smaller caravan. Comment from Mr Smith “it saved me from having to buy a new car“.

Ideal for Motorhomes

Most motorhomes tend to be under powered in favour of fuel efficiency. If you are sick of having to dive into the inside lane on motorways at the slightest incline, or would like to be able to tow a small car behind, then thisPower ECU Remap is an ideal solution. Better still this power ECU remap will give improved MPG. No more up & down the gear box while driving rural roads, bring the pleasure of driving to your motorhome with this ECU power Remap.

The above gives a good idea of what our Power ECU Remap is intended to do.

How does an ECU Remap improve pulling power?

It’s all about the ‘Torque’ and where in the RPM range that torque is becomes available.  If you do not know whatECU remapping is can we suggest that you first read our ‘What is ECU Remapping‘ page. You should now understand the concepts of ECU remapping and how by remapping the ECU of your vehicle we can effectively re-tune your engine.

Engine performance in terms of power (BHP) and pulling power (Torque) are best shown by means of what is called a power torque curve graph similar to the one shown on our ECU Power Remap page. Having the ability to re-tune your engine by way of remapping the engines ECU means that we can change the shape of this power torque curve graph. To get more pulling power we remap the ECU to not only produce more torque, but more importantly move the torque curve lower down the RPM range which makes the extra torque available at lower engine RPM, allowing you to maintain speed without having to change down a gear (subject to the incline / hill)

The torque of an engine is the ‘Pulling Power’ of an engine

A practical example of the difference can be given by considering those times when you are towing something and you need to change down a gear to maintain speed due to an incline or hill. After a power ECU remap you will find that you will be able to maintain speed in a higher gear for the same inclines. This same scenario also applies to such as motorhomes, horse boxes etc.

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