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Economy Tuning
Increasingly popular with rising fuel prices, we are able to recalibrate the ECU data to improve fuel efficiency. The increase in torque will allow less gear changes and accelerator pedal movement thus resulting in improved MPG and drivability.

Get More MPG with ECO ECU Remapping

Engine tuning and ECU remapping is not all about more speed & power for your vehicle. As we will explain here we can tune your engine so that it gives better fuel economy / more MPG.

Before we start it is best that you understand what ECU remapping is, how and why we do it. You can get all of this information from our What is ECU Remapping page. So now you understand what ECU remapping is, how we do it and why we can do it. Lets move on to how we can remap the ECU of your vehicles engine and get you better fuel efficiency / more MPG.

The Basics of ECU Remapping for More MPG

As you would have read in our What is ECU Remapping page, most vehicles in the UK have been tuned so that they are reliable and serviceable throughout Europe which would have been the manufacturers demographic / geographic sales targeted area. As fuel quality, service availability & road quality are all higher in the UK than the average across Europe we can remove some of the restrictions inherent within the ECU’s map / look-up data.

Moving the power band & torque curve to a lower range of engine RPM will also make more engine power available at lower RPM. We also smooth the torque curve of any peaks and extend its RPM range. See the typical torque power curve on our ‘Performance ECU Remapping‘ page for more information.

In Layman’s Terms

The above will allow you to change to a higher gear at much lower engine revs (RPM) the result being more miles per gallon.

Other Improvements

You will also notice that your vehicle has a sharper throttle response and an overall improvement of driving experience.

What Increase in MPG will I get?
There are many factors that contribute to how many miles per gallon (MPG) / the fuel efficiency of a vehicles engine. Unlike our competitors who seem to publish such a varying range of figures that would be difficult to check. We think that it would be wrong of us to give you exact figures for you and your vehicle.

The Facts

By far the biggest factor that will effect the fuel efficiency of any vehicle is ‘YOU‘, more specifically your driving style. Due to the map restrictions placed upon diesel engines by manufacturers as compared to petrol engines, diesel engines tend to respond better to an ECO ECU remap than petrol engines do. Turbo diesels giving the best response of all to an ECO ECU remap.

The General Rule of Thumb:

  • Diesel Engines : 12% – 20% increase in MPG
  • Petrol Engines : 6% – 10% increase in MPG.

Other Factors

As well as your driving style, no two vehicles are the same, even of same make & model. Everybody drives on different routes, in different traffic densities and with varying loads in the vehicle.

We hope that you can see that it is impossible to give you an exact figure for increased fuel efficiency / MPG.

Taxi Companies:

Taxi vehicles with their high mileage will see substancial savings in their running costs.

Commercial Vehicles:

Like any vehicle that does a high mileage, commercial vehicles: Vans; HGV’s etc will also see substancial savings

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